Spain, one of the most vibrant and sought-after destinations in Europe, is now also a popular teaching destination. Especially for those looking to dive into one of the oldest cultures in the world, or who want to in turn sharpen up their Spanish skills.

The country is beloved for its laid-back culture, fantastic weather, delectable food, and stunning destinations. Now, thanks to the prevalence of English teaching opportunities, living and earning money in this idyllic location is more possible than ever.

As with most teaching opportunities, some sort of certification is needed, whether it be a teaching degree, CELTA, or TEFL/TESOL certificates provided by reputable companies like

Salaries can vary vastly depending on your qualification and the level of your position and can range anywhere from €700 – €2,000 per month. Moreover, if you have an EU passport, you will not need a special visa to teach English in Spain, making it a potentially hassle-free move!

Have a look at all the wonderful teaching opportunities waiting in Spain and see how you can make the most of this spectacular country.

Teaching Opportunities in Spain

There are several options for teachers of all skill levels. It all depends on how much time you want to dedicate to teaching, how much you are looking to make, and what kind of experience you have.

University degrees are not a must, neither are teaching certificates, but for higher-paying jobs these become essential. However, there are programs for teachers looking to gain experience as well as volunteer opportunities where you can enjoy a more authentic experience. The TEFL Org’s article about teach english in spain can also help you to gain more experience to become an English Teacher.

Private Schools and International Schools

These jobs are the most competitive but also offer the highest salaries. They do require some sort of teaching experience as you will be teaching full-time in a salaried position.

These positions will also follow a school year calendar (September to June) and teachers will enjoy various benefits and vacation time. For these positions, schools or employers will sponsor the teacher’s work visa. Most of these schools are located in the major metros of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville.

At schools, you will teach a set curriculum and be supplied with plenty of resources to assist you in the classroom. Hiring usually takes place in January and the fall and many schools require in-person interviews before hiring you.

Language Centers

Language centers teach students of all ages and after school or during the weekends. Salaries are lower than at other full-time positions but fewer working hours mean more time to explore your city and discover the culture.

Along with the flexible hours, you could also enjoy more informal classes settings. You will also be able to work at multiple centers in some cases in an effort to make money. Some teachers also opt for center jobs and private tutoring opportunities.

North American Language and Culture Assistants Program

This is a highly coveted program that recruits US and Canadian teachers to work in public schools (primary and secondary) around the country. Up to 2,500 teachers are placed each year and this program is one of the best ways to earn money and see the country.

Some proficiency in Spanish is required but teachers will only work 15-20 hours per week, making it an extremely flexible option. They receive an allowance of €700 per month that is enough to cover basic living costs in Spain. For those placed in Madrid, the stipend is €1000 to adjust for higher costs in this metropolitan city.

This program runs from the start of October to the end of May, and the end of June in Madrid. Placement is done in April and you can start applying from the fall of the previous year. Get your applications in early as there are only limited spots available.

There are other programs to look at too if this one does not seem to be a good fit. They include assistant positions through Meddeas, UCETAM, Conversa Spain, and Fulbright Spain to name but a few.

Private Tutoring

This is the most popular way to supplement the stipend from the aforementioned language assistant positions. Alternatively, this could also become a live-in position for teachers wanting an immersive experience. Families are hiring tutors for private lessons several times a week in exchange for room and board.

The positions could be a little more difficult to land as they are often based on personal referrals and could be in more remote locations. There are online platforms that could connect you with potential students that have proven to be the most efficient way to source work.

The downside is there is little to no job security if you do not have a live-in position. Commute times can get long and costly if you have multiple students and cancelations are inevitable. It is therefore important to draw up contracts with your students to protect against possible loss of income.

University Positions

There are many tertiary education institutions in Spain, many of which are putting an emphasis on English tuition. With the right qualifications and experience, a teaching position at a university might be an incredible opportunity to make enough money to live in some of Europe’s best cities.

Summer Camps

America is not the only country where summer camps are a hot topic amongst the youth. Students from all over the world head to Spain to broaden their horizons by attending summer camps here. Camps offer daily English lessons and teachers also double as camp counselors.

This is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy a short stint in Spain over the summer and visit the most popular destinations in Barcelona. You can teach, make money, and enjoy tons of fun activities along with the kids. These positions do however come with age restrictions so apply now before you cross the threshold!

So, whether you want to get to Spain for a long time, or a good time, there is bound to be a teaching opportunity for you. Make sure you apply as soon as recruitment starts because Spain is the top destination for ESL teachers in Europe and you don’t want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime!